Innovative Solutions for Payers of All Types and the Members You Serve

HGS AxisPoint Health is dedicated to providing industry-leading population health management solutions to payers and other risk bearing entities. We understand that there are many different types of payers, and that you’re committed to improving the health of your members and beneficiaries.

Whether you’re a commercial health plan, a provider-sponsored plan, an accountable care organization, a state Medicaid agency, or a federal healthcare agency, we offer innovative services and software to support you and those you serve.


Health Plans

HGS AxisPoint Health recognizes the market imperatives to reduce costs and increase efficiency while continually improving health outcomes. No matter what types of members or lines of business you serve, you can count on HGS AxisPoint Health to understand the needs of your business and your members. As the experts in population health management, we have the necessary tools, insights, and experience to proactively impact member behavior and improve engagement, health outcomes, and clinical cost savings.

Provider-Sponsored Plans

For provider-sponsored plans, HGS AxisPoint Health brings efficient and effective strategies to ensure the best outcomes and maximum cost-efficiency, especially for the most complex and clinically challenging members of your population. We understand the unique needs of provider-sponsored plans, Accountable Care Organizations, and other risk-bearing entities, and with over 30 years of proven experience and success in reducing risk, we are the right partner for navigating the challenges of sharing risk in the new era of health care management.

Government Payers

For state and federal government agencies, HGS AxisPoint Health simplifies complex care management and coordination to lower the cost of care and improve affordable access for beneficiaries and their families. We provide solutions that support beneficiaries during all stages of health, reducing avoidable complications and maximizing cost savings. Our proven, results-driven approach has led to an average return on investment of greater than 2:1 and a 7.9% decrease in inpatient admissions.



With proprietary insights derived from nearly 20 years of managing Medicaid populations, we understand how to break negative patterns of care, including ED overuse, and support complex healthcare and psychosocial needs. Whether you serve individuals with Medicaid in a Fee-for-Service or Medicaid Managed Care model, HGS AxisPoint Health is uniquely qualified to help you engage with and coordinate care for your members.


The dynamics in the Medicare market are complex. Over 10,000 people per day are enrolling in Medicare, and 2/3 of enrolled individuals have 3 or more chronic conditions. With HGS AxisPoint Health, your plan can deliver personalized interventions and care coordination to your Medicare Advantage population. Our targeted services include carve-in or carve-out complex care management, multi-channel HEDIS & Medicare Stars campaigns, transitions of care programs, and palliative and end of life care.

Vulnerable Populations

Vulnerable populations include the socioeconomically disadvantaged, children, the elderly, racial and ethnic minorities, the underinsured, and those with certain medical conditions including behavioral health issues and disabilities. These groups experience a variety of barriers to care, and need guidance navigating to the right healthcare resources. That’s where HGS AxisPoint Health can help. Our rich data resources and predictive analytics identify vulnerable individuals for targeted outreach and interventions, and our specialized care managers and digital health tools drive engagement.