Care Management Services to Drive Engagement, Outcomes, and Results

HGS AxisPoint Health is driving an evolution in care management services with CarePoint, condition and case management programs that provide quantified results for payers and their members with predictive intelligence, laser-focused targeting, pulsed interventions, and a digital health experience.


CarePoint Case and Condition Management services leverage multiple data sources and use our predictive analytics to target and engage those members who will benefit the most from customized interventions that transcend the traditional Big 5 conditions.


Drawing upon 30 years of care management experience, HGS AxisPoint Health is leading the way in shifting the care management paradigm. Our programs have consistently proven to improve health outcomes and increase member satisfaction while reducing costs – helping payers achieve the elusive Triple Aim of healthcare.


CarePoint is focused on productive, dynamic engagement – a concept we call Elite Care Management. Simply put, it’s about meeting an individual with targeted and appropriate support, where and when it is needed.

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CarePoint gives payers the certainty that their programs are engaging the right members in the most effective manner to drive behavior change and positive outcomes.

CarePoint solutions include:

  • Condition-agnostic care tracks to address the underlying issues impacting member health
  • Multidisciplinary care teams with the right mix of skills to meet each member’s specific clinical and behavioral needs
  • Omni-channel engagement, including phone, e-mail, text, and digital
  • Pulsed, impactful member touchpoints to ensure sustained engagement
  • Compass, our digital health experience, offers social and interactive elements that engage and motivate members and their support circles
  • Comprehensive, real-time, 360 degree view of each member, using our advanced predictive analytics and the most current and relevant administrative, claims, and social and behavioral determinant data
  • Strong focus on supporting clients to close gaps in member care, including HEDIS® and Medicare Stars programs
  • Positive financial outcomes


Results are Third Party Validated or Independently Validated by Mercer; Milliman; Reden & Anders; University of California, Los Angeles; and the State of Illinois.

CarePoint Condition Management

Our CarePoint Condition Management services are designed to give payers the certainty that your program is engaging the right members in the most effective manner to drive behavior change and positive outcomes. Beyond identifying the right members, CarePoint locates, engages, impacts, supports, and monitors them for sustained improvement.

By taking the unique needs of every member into account, regardless of whether they suffer from a single chronic illness, have co-morbidities, are lacking transportation, are looking quality cheap drugs or have other issues to overcome, CarePoint addresses the barriers that increase risk and obstruct ability to change through personalized interventions.

This approach transcends the typical Core 5 conditions by rank-ordering every member and every clinical need against a defined care pathway to concentrate on those members for which we can make the biggest impact. Driving behavioral change and care plan adherence improves overall member health, which in turn realizes reduced medical cost and improved member satisfaction.

CarePoint Condition Management Results

>2:1 ROI and an average 12.3% net cost savings for payers using CarePoint Condition Management services
45% increase in program engagement over one year for a large payer customer
 7.9% average decrease in inpatient hospitalizations
 24.5% average annual improvement in statin usage for engaged members with CAD
Results are Third Party Validated or Independently Validated by Mercer; Milliman; Reden & Anders; University of California, Los Angeles; and the State of Illinois.

CarePoint Case Management

Complex and chronic conditions, co-morbidities, behavioral health issues, and challenging social or logistical situations can create significant obstacles for members needing to better manage their illnesses. These members require a holistic approach to managing their health that takes into account the entire scope of interrelated issues they face, and prioritizes interventions to address them realistically and effectively.

Targeting high-risk, medically complex members, our CarePoint Case Management services feature one-on-one support to help members improve their quality of life by achieving their highest level of wellness and functional capability.

CarePoint Case Management services include:

  • Management of complex chronic conditions
  • Behavioral health support, addressing schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety
  • Developmental disabilities
  • New catastrophic health event response
  • Sub-acute or episodic management
  • End of life support and counseling
  • Resource referral and care coordination
  • Care transitions between settings

HGS AxisPoint Health has been delivering successful care management programs for over 15 years. With CarePoint, we continue to evolve our programs and lead the industry with the most advanced innovations in condition and case management services.

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