With 80% of total US healthcare dollars spent on just 20% of the population, it is critical for payers to arm themselves with the tools they need to identify and engage the right members at the right time. AxisPoint Health offers powerful analytics and predictive intelligence that help organizations accurately identify the health needs of members to improve outcomes while reducing medical costs.

With powerful tools for member identification, stratification and reporting, Analytix delivers the ability to zoom in on cadres and individuals to identify gaps as well as opportunities for appropriate interventions.

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How does Analytix work?

Utilizing the most current and relevant biometric, symptom, lab, pharmacy, claims, social determinants of health, and consumer data, Analytix identifies over 100 chronic conditions and over 50 clinical care gaps to find those members who would be positively impacted by care management programs. Employing a proprietary predictive modeling formula, Analytix performs risk scoring to stratify populations for targeted interventions, and assigns those individuals to the appropriate care track for their specific health needs. 

Additional features of Analytix include:

  • Reporting capabilities to measure program outcomes vs. goals in near-real time
  • Consulting services to improve program effectiveness and leverage efficiencies
  • Transparent, flexible and customizable rules
  • Support from an experienced team of expert analysts
  • Enhanced compliance with industry standards such as NCQA and Medicare Stars ratings