Mission & Vision

HGS AxisPoint Health’s mission is to improve the health, coordinate the care, and lower the health care costs for our clients and their members.

It is AxisPoint Health’s vision that our clients and members will have access to the best, most innovative, and most efficient technology, tools, and services to empower members to make the right choices for their health.

Empowered consumers, enlightened providers, and knowledgeable payers, working together, can improve our health system.


With 30 years of experience providing access to care for populations across the continuum, HGS AxisPoint Health is a company with a long history and a clear vision for the future of population health management. HGS AxisPoint Health was created to bring proven approaches to care management into the new era of healthcare, while innovating and advancing the state of the art in population health. Navigating the transformation of the healthcare system is complicated, and we are dedicated to supporting our clients and treating their members and beneficiaries with the utmost professionalism, clinical quality, medicines quality and compassion.

Care Management and Population Health

Payers and providers alike are focusing their attention on better understanding the health of the populations they serve. In this changing healthcare environment, it’s critical to understand the specific interventions and support the needs of each segment of your population in order to ensure the best health, best outcomes, and lowest costs. HGS AxisPoint Health’s solutions deliver a continuum of support for that critical “last mile” of population health, allowing healthcare organizations to move beyond condition identification to create and execute specific care plans for real people with real challenges.

Experience and Results

HGS AxisPoint Health has over 30 years of experience managing care, improving outcomes, and lowering costs for the most complex and chronic care populations. We understand not just the medical issues involved, but the behavioral, social, and logistical challenges many people face as they engage in care. That experience not only means members who are happier and healthier; it means real ROI, with clients realizing average net savings of $2 and higher for every $1 spent with us.